After getting diagnosed with a stomach disease at the age of 11…

After getting diagnosed with a stomach disease at the age of 11, with year after year of failed attempts to treat or “cure” it (if you will), while working alongside world renowned Doctors from Children’s Hospital in Dallas, all the way to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota…I became a medical mystery and medical frustration. To this day I still have great relationships with all my Doctor’s, although now out of their care. Despite my non-traditional college experience due to the battling of my disease, and not finding a cure, I gained a passion. A passion to find a solution. A solution to something that is now an epidemic in our country. I gained this passion because of the unconditional support of my Doctor’s, my family, church, and most of all my TCU professors in the Nutrition department.

I am happy to say, that through my long health struggle I gained empathy and first hand experience on the power of nutrition.

After working with Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Susan Linke I have totally cured myself and maintain remission of disease through nutrition. It was after this that I decided to use my own story and success with nutrition, to help others who are struggling in the same ways. While it may have not been on my “perfect” timing, I am happy to say The Lord had something better already written out…that being said, grad school here I come! It has taken a village to get me to this point, but now healthier than ever and entirely disease free I am ready to turn my story into an opportunity. An opportunity to teach others that food is the medicine we should be taking, by helping others to harness the power of food to change their lives…to empower them to live the lives they have always dreamed of. I can’t thank everyone enough who got me to this point, and to those who never gave up on me. But, most of all I thank the Good Lord, for carrying me through…Oh, GO FROGS!