The Going’s and Coming’s Of my Hair

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The Going’s and Coming’s Of my Hair by Gail Dvoretz

In 2009 I noticed that my very, very wavy thick hair had started to fall out. I attributed that to getting older and a little less hair for me meant less standing on my feet blowing my hair out.

My younger sister would sit under a fan and blow hair dry while I stood under a hair blower for 30 minutes and even with that much blowing going on it was still damp. Little did I know that all my hair was going to start falling out.

On a very rainy day in Florida I decided it was time to see a doctor about my hair going south. When I think back to what the doctor said I sadly think about people like me looking for answers to what was going on in my body. After a full examination the doctor said that I had alopecia closed the door walked out and then her office gave me my bill. This doctor never suggested treatment and never explained what alopecia was. After paying them my copay I had no more information when leaving her office. I remember saying “Why am I not surprised?”

Once again I decided since no one had any answers for me I would get the answers by doing my own research. By the end of that year I knew I had another autoimmune disease that I was going to have to battle. My question was “ Why was I still getting sick and how could I stop this from ever happening again.

By this time I was counting up how many diseases I had from poly glandular failure. I needed to know how to stop this from happening. I already had brittle type one diabetes, intrinsic B factor, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, vitiligo, and now alopecia. I don’t know why losing my hair seemed worse then turning white but it did. I started to research treatment for hair loss due to alopecia and found out that insurance companies don’t deem it a disease. Again I say to myself “Why am I not surprised? “ and this time start laughing.

I looked up at the sky and said ,” Okay bring the battle on …I will not go out of this world the same way I came in WHITE AND BALD!” I found a doctor with a brain and the very next day and I began to receive injections every week right into my scalp. This was helping the disease but not stopping it and I didn’t know how long I could keep taking those cortisone injections.

Once again I began my research to find why it was happening and chose to treat it from within. I changed my diet and went grain free…grain free was helping but I still needed injections once in a while and it wasn’t really full enough to make it look like my hair.

After visiting my allergist I saw a book on his desk and asked him about it. He told me to read it as I might be interested in something new…and this something new worked on healing the body not giving it injections or pills.

Now, one and a half years later, I am off the injections and my hair is finally coming back to a full head of hair and I have eyebrows again…I took the LEAP MRT blood test. This one blood test showed what foods caused my body to break down causing inflammation and I stay on this food plan even now. This one test healed my leaky cut and allowed my head to heal….I may still miss my daily dose of fish and mushrooms but I would rather have hair. I have learned how to cook healthy food without things that made me sick.