“This test saved me…”

During the beginning of my senior year in college, I started experiencing stomach cramps and other bad symptoms that seemed to get worse by the minute. In the span of about 2 weeks, the pain went from mild and only every so often to paralyzing and at least every hour. The only thing I could do when it came on was lie down in the fetal position and just wait for it to pass. My parents and I decided enough was enough and I finally went to get it checked out. After 5 days in the hospital, multiple visits from specialists, daily blood tests, and a colonoscopy as my 21st birthday present, I was told my entire colon was inflamed and that I must be one tough cookie for waiting as long as I did to come in. Some doctors called it Crohn’s while others said it was some form of colitis. They gave me medicine and sent me home.

My dad, or “my brain” as I now like to call him, has been a health nut for as long as I can remember. He spent hours upon hours doing research to try to get me healthy again when I was too weak to do anything more than lie on the couch all day. We tried a handful of different natural and supposedly healthy foods, supplements, and remedies to try to heal my body. But for weeks I wasn’t getting any better and we had no idea why. My dad was praying for a miracle to happen because we were running out of options.

Then one day in his research, he somehow happened upon the MRT blood test and the LEAP diet. It was night and day difference from just removing ONE “red” food from my diet. I finally felt human again! I stopped taking the doctor’s prescriptions, and food is now my medicine. Just from modifying my diet around the results of this test, my body is finally healing. I’m getting my strength back. I can spend a whole day off the couch without any weakness, pain, or discomfort! I truly mean it when I say this test saved me. It’s the reason I’ll be able to go back to school to finish my degree and it’s the reason I’m healthy again.