10 Years Suffering from Crohn’s Disease

“There is so much to say about a person that means so much to me – but, as someone who was diagnosed as a youth with Crohn’s disease, I have experienced first-hand the positive influence nutrition can have on a person’s quality of life. After ten very long years of unsuccessful attempts at traditional western medicine, I became desperate. I was desperate for a change and desperate for long-term healing. And it was through this desperation, and determination that I abandoned all aspects of traditional medicine, researched, and discovered my saving grace (Susan). Susan’s unique approach to health is what led me to that long-term healing I had been so desperately seeking. The unique approach I am referring to was the LEAP protocol she recommended that I try. I say unique because it was something I had never heard any of the Doctor’s I had seen over the course of the ten years mention to me or my family. From the very first moment I talked with her, I knew she could help me. She listened patiently to everything I had to say (which was a lot), all of my complaints, my issues, and my goals. She addressed every single one of those items, and even went beyond that to follow up with me along the way. Most importantly I want others to know that, I understand the feeling of defeat and mental exhaustion when dealing with chronic illnesses like mine. When you can’t get an answer from a Doctor, and all you want is for you or your kid to just feel better. And that is what made Susan stand out to me. Her bedside manner was different. She had empathy, she was patient, she listened, and she invested in me as an individual rather than just another patient with GI issues. She pursued my long-term health and made it her goal to bring that reality to life for me.

And, After 6 weeks of following the LEAP protocol, I felt like a new human. Really after about day 13-15 my symptoms were beginning to fade, and I finally understood what it meant to feel “normal” again. My body reached a threshold I didn’t know was possible after feeling the way I did for so long. She explained everything so thoroughly and taught me how this Nutritional approach differs from the medicine I had been struggling on. I was healing my body for a long-term solution, rather than a temporary fix. I healed myself from the inside out with the help of Susan. For anyone who might be hesitant, my best advice is go for it. There’s absolutely no risk involved, and she can save your life. I can’t thank Susan enough for saving me from a lifetime full of medicine, treatments, operations, and problems in general. Instead she helped me harness the power of food to change my life, and empowered me to live the life I had always dreamed of.”

-Anonymous Patient

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